Weather in Bologna

August 21, 2018, 3:55 am
real feel: 21°C
current pressure: 1020 mb
humidity: 73%
wind speed: 3 m/s SSW
sunrise: 6:24 am
sunset: 8:11 pm

Angela Bragaglia


INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna
via Gobetti 93/3
40127 Bologna (Italy)

phone: +39 051 6357332

e-mail: angela.bragaglia AT

skype: angela.bragaglia




Scientific interests :

  •  The resolved stellar component of the Milky Way and nearby galaxies  (for details,   see Gaia Gaia-ESO pages)
  •  Open Clusters (see the BOCCE project pages)
  •  Globular Clusters (see the Na-O FLAMES survey pages)

Personal,  education & career :

-born in Bologna (Italy) on February 19, 1961

-1975-1980: classical studies at High School (60/60)

-1980-1985: Laurea degree in Astronomy (1985: on Globular Clusters and HST, 110/110 cum laude)

-1985: summer student at ESO

-1987: summer student at STScI

-1987-1990: Astronomy (1990: search for binary WDs as SNIa progenitors)

-1990-present: researcher at the Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna (now INAF-OA BO)

-1991-92: fellow (C.N.R. grant) at Lunar & Planetay Lab. (Arizona Univ., USA)

-2007: scientific visiting astronomer at ESO-Chile (Oct-Nov 2007)

-2008: scientific visitor at the OCA, Nice, France (Nov-Dec 2008)

-2011-present: member of the Consiglio di Struttura of OABO

-co-tutor of eight Laurea degree students (E. Gozzoli 1993-94; S. Di Tomaso 1998-99; E. Taribello 2002-03; F. De Luise 2002-03; G. Coppa 2003-04; V. Sommariva 2003-04; V. D’Orazi 2004-05; M. Manduchi 2004-05). Of them,  three are presently post-doc (De Luise at INAF-Teramo; Sommariva at INAF-Bologna; D’Orazi at Macquarie Univ., Sydney)

-co-tutor of one PhD student (P. Donati 2011-13)

-supervisor of post-laurea and post-doc positions (E. Gozzoli 1995-96; P. Sestito 2005-06; P. Donati 2014)

-member of IAU

-referee for international journals (A&A, MNRAS, AJ, ApJ, NewA)

-1988-present: PI and co-I of many observational campaigns on HST and ground based telescopes worldwide (TNG, NTT, VLT, LBT,…)

-TAC member (ESO: 2003-05; TNG: 2007-08)

-1998-present: co-I in 10+ Ministry / INAF /ASI grants

-2011: member of the committee for PRIN INAF 2010

-2006-present: member of the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (CU5/DU13 & CU9)

-2008-2010 : member of the Science Team for SIMPLE (high-res IR spectrograph for E-ELT, phase A); presently participant VLT-MOONS and HIRES (T-Rex)

-2010-present: member as builder of the Gaia-ESO public spectroscopic survey (300 nights on FLAMES@VLT, 2012-16) & WG4 coordinator (cluster targets)

-2014- : member of the Italian Science Team for NTE



Follow link below for a list of refereed publications