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Structure of isolated dwarfs

Dwarf galaxies evolved in isolation may give fundamental insight into the origin and evolution of this class of galaxies, as they provide the benchmark to compare with the nearest MW and M31 satellites, whose evolution is generally thought to be largely shaped by the interactions with the giant galaxy they are orbiting about . The study of the structure and kinematics of these galaxies may also provide important clues about the properties of Dark Matter (DM) halos that were virtually untouched by external influences. Within this general framework we recently started a program aimed at the study of the large scale structure of the star and gas distribution in the most isolated galaxies in the Local Group and its surroundings.

People involved at OABo: M. Bellazzini (PI), S. Galleti, A. Sollima, G. Battaglia

Principal Co-Is from other institutions: G. Beccari (ESO-Chile), T. Oosterloo (Kapteyn Inst. – Groningen), F. Fraternali (DIFA – Bologna Univ.), V. Testa (INAF-OARoma); see papers for a complete list of collaborators.

False color image of the extremely isolated dwarf galaxy VV124 = UGC4879 from LBC@LBT images (see Bellazzini et al. 2011)



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Partially supported by the PRIN MIUR 2010-2011 grant to the project “The Chemical and Dynamical Evolution of the Milky Way and Local Group Galaxies”, prot. 2010LY5N2T (National PI: F. Matteucci)